General Information

For EMERGENCY assistance, call 9-1-1.

  • Dialing "9" before 9-1-1 from campus phones is NOT required.

From cell phones, call 408-924-8000.

For non-emergencies, call 650-949-7313 or dial extension 7-3-1-3 from campus phones when requiring police assistance.

  • to report non-violent crimes such as theft
  • to report non-injury vehicle accidents
  • to report minor disturbances such as loud music
  • for assistance with unlocking doors, jump-starting a car, or obtaining a nighttime safety escort
  • to inquire about parking issues, lost and found items, and general district police information

Emergency Assistance Dial 9-1-1
Emergency - On Campus From Cell Phone 408-924-8000
Non-Emergency Assistance 650-949-7313
Police Records 650-949-7513
Live Scan Fingerprinting 650-949-7925
De Anza Substation 408-864-5555

Officer & CSO Voicemail Numbers

Sergeant Jeff Ricketts 650-949-7917
Sergeant Doug Grant 650-949-7974
Sergeant Mike Barbieri 650-949-7976
Sergeant Pat Akana 650-949-7973
Sergeant Pete DeLaOssa 650-949-7966
Sergeant Jeff McCoy 408-864-5466
Officer Frank Rocha 650-949-7561
Officer Bill Riley 650-949-6240
Officer Leif Nelson 650-949-6242
Officer Jeff Meade 650-949-6237
Officer Matt Solorio 650-949-6239
Officer Humberto Vergara 650-949-6927
Officer Lucas Hlebakos 408-864-5739
Officer Temo Rosas 650-949-6245
Officer (OPEN) 650-949-xxxx
Officer (OPEN) 650-949-xxxx
Officer Dominic Gamboa 650-949-6935
Officer James Thurber 650-949-6928
Officer Richard Woon 650-949-xxxx
Officer Rudy Castillo 650-949-xxxx
CSO Sarvjit Dhillon 650-949-6243
CSO (OPEN) 408-864-5740
CSO (OPEN) 650-949-xxxx
CSO (OPEN) 650-949-xxxx

Administrative Staff Numbers

Chief Ron Levine 650-949-7514
Assistant Chief Danny Acosta 408-864-8919
Police Records Supervisor
Joe Mauss
Police Records Specialist